Play Therapy is the evidence based therapy of choice for children.

Play is the medium through which they learn new things, come to understand their world, develop social and language skills, and learn to process big feelings like grief, anger, and worry.   

Children don't always have the words to describe what is happening for them, as this is a fairly advanced skill developed in later life.  But they can express things through play, and when life's stressors are becoming overwhelming, they can benefit from play therapy. 

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andrew child talking about bullying at school

As a trained Play Therapist, Angie uses the The Therapeutic Powers of Play to create an atmosphere of safety and acceptance while encouraging each child's understanding of their internal strengths. This process helps children make sense of their feelings and changes in their lives, while supporting psychological and emotional development.

Angie offers a range of child play therapy interventions. Some children have experienced trauma or major life changes and need child centred play therapy, others are struggling developmentally and may need a focus on skill development.  At The Counselling Space we know one approach doesn't fit all children, and we tailor our approach to meet the needs of your child.   All child play therapy services start with a comprehensive background session with the parents/carers so we can:

  • find out about your child, their developmental history, their likes/dislikes, their strengths and difficulties, their worries and fears, your concerns for their wellbeing and your hopes for therapy
  • find out about your approach to parenting, your values, what is important in your family and your home.  This ensures our therapy and strategies supports your family and is consistent with what you value
  • explore what child therapy approach would fit best for your child, and give you an overview of what this will look like and what you can expect
  • answer any questions you have.  After all, involving someone else in your child's wellbeing and development is a huge step, and it is important you feel Angie is the right therapist for your child.  

Child Play Therapy Services

Child Centred Play Therapy

For children needing help to navigate major life changes, times of transition, experiences of trauma, worries and anxiety. 

Learn to Play

Many children do not develop pretend play skills naturally and need some help to play with others and on their own.


 For neurodivergent children (including autistic children, those with ADHD, sensory and developmental differences).

Specialised Play Therapy Services

Play Therapy for Adolescents

Not just for kids! Teenagers enjoy play therapy as it is non-confrontational with age appropriate activities they enjoy. 

Family Based (Filial) Therapy

Parents are mentored to conduct therapeutic play with their child. It is a powerful approach that improves family relationships.

Exploring Gender Identity

Most children grow up without questioning their gender. Some children and teenagers identify as a gender different to the one assigned at birth.

NDIS Registered Provider

Children and young people enjoy coming to The Counselling Space.  We are inclusive and neuro-affirming, and work alongside them and their parents/carers to bring out their best. 

Talk to your Coordinator of Supports to see how our evidence based therapies can assist your child as part of their plan.

happy child ndis play therapy

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