New Year's Resolutions? I'll Pass this Year Thanks

new years resolution

New Year's Resolutions - Exit Stage Left.

Let's not do New Year’s resolutions this year.  Yes, we know your social media is likely full of messages urging you to do more, be more, be your best, be your authentic self, be...... other than. This year, in 2022, I'm claiming my authentic self to be good enough just as she is, with her strengths, foibles and bad hair/pyjama days.

I invite you to do the same. After all, haven't the last two years been hard enough to get through, without adding pole vault size goals? Think of the guilt and disappointment that can be left behind. Imagine the freedom of relaxing into being just yourself. I wonder how many "shoulds" that will cross off your list?

I can't say it better than Annaliese Griffin from The Cut: "The Death (?) of the New Year's Resolution".

Let's enjoy 2022, squeeze every morsel of kindness, joy, calmness and serendipity from it, without trying to reinvent ourselves in the process.


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