Lisa Butcher - Clinical Psychologist

Lisa is a clinical psychologist with her own private practice based at The Counselling Space, Coffs Harbour and also works privately in Grafton and at Grafton Headspace.

Her private practice name is Patronus Psychology which has a number of meanings. Lisa is a huge fan of Harry Potter, and in the Harry Potter realm a patronus is a guardian, a projection of positive feelings that protects against dementors (beings that generate feelings of depression/despair). Furthermore, patronus comes from the Latin word patronage which is a distinctive relationship between a patron and their client, whereby the relationship is hierarchical but goals are mutual. 

lisa butcher clinical psychologist photo

Lisa has a passion for working with adolescents from her work at Headspace, and finds it an absolute privilege being able to provide them with support and particularly hearing about their hobbies and values.

Lisa utilises a combination of approaches, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and also likes to incorporate her love of music which is often shared by the young people. Lisa is a professional musician, with her main instrument being her voice, but she also plays the ukulele, oboe, guitar and piano and loves song writing – something she utilises with young people as a tool to express and regulate emotion.

Current availability: limited. 

To contact Lisa or book an appointment email her directly at: