Jaeva Shelley

Registered Psychologist, Family and Relationship Therapist 



Jaeva Shelley - Registered Psychologist

Jaeva is a psychologist in private practice at The Counselling Space, Coffs Harbour. Jaeva has a warm and emphatic approach and is experienced in working with individuals, children, families and couples. She provides treatment for a range of issues, including depression and anxiety, relationship and family issues, grief and loss and trauma.

Jaeva works together with clients to help them understand how their experiences and their beliefs about themselves impact their day to day lives, not only in how they see and interpret themselves in the world, but how they relate to others. In her work with couples and families, Jaeva works to facilitate deeper connections, safety, and trust, and repair fractured emotional bonds. In work with children and teenagers.

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Jaeva is approachable and inviting, supporting clients to understand and manage their emotions, life changes, and challenging or traumatic experiences. She also works with parents in how to understand and support their child effectively. Jaeva has worked with families and children around challenging behaviours, providing developmentally appropriate education and guidance around supporting children and managing challenging behaviours. 

Jaeva has experience working with people with trauma backgrounds, and has training in Trauma Focussed-CBT and Prolonged Exposure. Jaeva’s approach in working with all clients is underpinned by attachment theory, family systems theory, and cognitive-behavioural theory.

Jaeva has training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, and Emotionally Focussed Therapy and uses these modalities to effectively meet the needs of her clients. Her practice is inclusive and she welcomes clients from diverse backgrounds. 

Current Availability:  Jaeva has a four month wait for new client appointments. 

To enquire, or go on to her wait list, please email her directly on: