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Are you looking for a place to practice?

The Counselling Space provides a welcoming environment for practitioners who are new to private practice as well as those who are already established. With two prominent locations - in the vibrant Coffs Harbour Jetty precinct and in the heart of the Coffs Harbour Central Business District - The Counselling Space is ideally located for clients.   

The Space is intentionally shaped by trauma informed principles, so clients and practitioners alike feel a sense of safety and warmth as soon as they walk through the door.  

Rooms at The Counselling Space are well suited for qualified practitioners who work therapeutically with grown-ups, children, couples or families, and have an understanding of and commitment to trauma informed care.  

Rooms are available for half days, full days or evenings, including on weekends.  


Please feel welcome to arrange a visit to see if the Rooms would suit your needs. 

Large Consulting Room

Suitable for working with families

Welcoming Waiting Areas

Where clients feel at home

Kitchen Facilities

With a range of teas available

Smaller Rooms

Perfect for 1:1 or couple sessions

Office Facilities

Access to WiFi & incidental photocopying

Easy Room Bookings

Online scheduling software to manage your room bookings

Registered Covid Safe Business

We take care of the Space so you and your clients are safe

Child Welcoming

For therapists working with children

Location! Location!

Coffs Jetty Precinct and Coffs Harbour Central Business District

About Angie

Director and Principal Therapist at The Counselling Space

Angie has been in private practice in both Victoria and New South Wales since 2013. She has also been clinical leader and manager of a range of mental health, family counselling and community based services and continues to offer high level leadership coaching to those in the human services sector, as well as clinical supervision to therapists across Australia.  

With experience in both sole and group private practices, Angie has a wealth of knowledge about building a flourishing private practice.  Indeed, as well as running her own practice, she has a specific coaching and training business devoted to helping others build theirs!   Renting rooms with Angie gives you the chance to benefit from this, as she is happy to share her practice wisdom.  

Frequently Asked Questions

The things most people are curious about....

I just want one day a week. Is that possible?

Indeed!  The minimum booking is half a day a week, perfect for someone starting out in private practice and wanting to build slowly.

Is there reception / administration support?

Angie (Director and Principal Therapist) has a part time Administration Officer to assist her in her own practice. She is able to assist others at times, on a fee for service basis.

Is there a fax available?

We have an e-fax system and can receive faxes for you and forward them to you for actioning (included in room rental). There is a send fax service available on a fee for service basis. 

Is there a central number for clients to call The Counselling Space?

Each practitioner is responsible for managing their own calls, so there is no central number.  We are happy to list your direct contact number and email on our website, and link to your own website if you have one. 

What is included in the rent?

Access to a beautifully appointed, fully furnished room, use of the waiting room for your clients, access to a range of teas/coffee in our small kitchens, linking to our WiFi, and incidental photocopying. 

Angie imports and blends her own trauma informed aromatherapy oils, so you and your clients also enjoy the benefit of walking into an intentionally calming space.

We have a page of our website dedicated to each practitioner based at The Counselling Space. We are happy to publish a short bio, your contact details and a link to your own website, if you have one.